Does drinking coconut water reduce the potency of drugs?

One of the most widely believed myth is that drinking coconut water with medicines will reduce the effectiveness of the drugs.

The question seems simple but it refers to the interaction between the medicines and the drink. Many people can swear to have observed this effect – watching someone with a drug overdose administered coconut water and the drug effects vanquished.

However, there is no scientific proof of this.

Coconut Water

Coconut water exists in the shell of young coconuts. It naturally tastes sweet but low in calorie.

It contains 94% water and simple carbohydrates which are easily digested into sugar and electrolytes.
It also contains various growth hormones, enzymes, amino acid, vitamin c and is a good source of potassium (k+).

There are no special antidote components in coconut water that would make it act as an agent which destroys the potency of drugs.

Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is often taken as a drink to relieve thirst or dehydration caused by diarrhoea or exercising.

It has also been used as a water replacement to hydrate the body in emergencies.

There are several types of research showing that coconut water can reduce systolic blood pressure among hypertension patients (high blood pressure). Nevertheless, more studies are required to prove their health benefit.

Interaction with medicines, herbs and supplements.
Early clinical studies have shown that coconut water may reduce systolic blood pressure among hypertension patients.
Theoretically, drinking coconut water together with anti-hypertension drugs may enhance the effect of reducing blood pressure and ultimately increase the risk of low blood pressure. is a patient-centred social community for people with similar chronic illnesses. We have built a platform of 35 communities ranging from HIV to Sickle Cell. Join our growing community today and connect with others who have the same health condition as you. Together we are stronger.

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